Our Health and Social Wellbeing Committee was set up in 2015 with a remit to address the need within NIPEC to:

• provide direction and oversight for health and social wellbeing activities for staff
• develop, co-ordinate and monitor a programme of activities for the year which helps to improve health and wellbeing and develops mutual respect
• evaluate and review progress against the programme of activities, seeking feedback from staff
• where necessary, ensure that effective policies and procedures are in place to support the programme of activities and these are available to all staff
• provide regular updates and an end of year report to the Business Team and to the wider organisation.

The Committee comprises of corporate and professional staff who meet on a monthly basis, following which an update is emailed to all staff.

In May 2017, the Committee published their end of year newsletter.

The 2017/18 programme of activities are currently being developed.