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Health and Social Wellbeing Committee

Our Health and Social Wellbeing Committee was set up in 2015 with a remit to:

  • provide direction and oversight for health and social wellbeing activities for staff in NIPEC
  • develop, co-ordinate and monitor a range of activities within the calendar year which aims to improve health and wellbeing and support a culture of mutual respect
  • evaluate and review progress against a range of activities seeking feedback from staff
  • provide regular updates and a summary report to the NIPEC Business Team and to the wider organisation
  • raise awareness of health and wellbeing organisations and resources external to NIPEC.

View the Health and Social Wellbeing Committee Terms of Reference.

The Committee comprises of corporate and professional staff who meet on a regular basis, to meet and plan future health and wellbeing activities and events. This information is shared with NIPEC staff on a regular basis along with gathering feedback and ideas for new events.

The membership of the Committee consists of:

  • Fiona Bradley (Chair)
  • Muriel Lockhart

NIPEC’s Nominated Charity

NIPEC staff nominated the South Belfast Food Bank as their charity for 2020. Despite the challenges of COVID-19 restrictions the Committee are endeavouring to raise awareness and collect funds for this charity.

COVID-19 and Working from Home

From mid-March 2020 and due to the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions, NIPEC staff has been working from home. As the Committee were keen to ensure that staff stayed connected, they organised a number of activities and resources to include:

  • The development of an internal electronic newsletter called the ‘NIPEC PULSE’ which provides updates from staff along with interesting/useful information.
  • 10,000 Step and Photo Challenge
  • Halloween Soupalicious Event
  • Christmas Fireside Quiz
  • Coffee Mornings

The Committee were also keen to hear how NIPEC staff adapted to remote working. In September 2020 the Committee developed and distributed a COVID-19/Health and Wellbeing Survey to all staff providing them with the opportunity to identify what is going well, make suggestions on areas that may improve working at home, along with staff wellbeing. The findings from the survey will be used towards supporting our staff wellbeing in NIPEC.