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Welcome to the Reflective Supervision Framework Pilot Members Section.

From this page you will be able to access your specific HSC Trust details relating to the supervisor list for your organisation. Your Trust page will present the names, contact details and areas of interest for the supervisors in your HSC Trust participating in this pilot.

You should have received your HSC Trust Login and the corresponding password for that section of our website. Please do not share these details with other registrants who are not participating in the Pilot.

You need to be logged in to access private Trust information, using you organisational login account and password.

Once you have logged in you will have access to the your private Trust area

Follow the instructions on the next page to arrange a supervision session with your chosen supervisor.

If you have received supervision under the current scheme, please ensure that before undertaking your first session relating to the principles of the draft Reflective Supervision Framework, you have completed the MCSS-26 survey, which you will find on the individual Trust page.

All supervisees – please watch an introductory presentation before progressing to the member login area accessible HERE

If you have any problems or queries contact Sharon Maginn at NIPEC