Welcome to the digital Professional Communication Platform for Nursing & Midwifery across Northern Ireland.

As Chief Nursing Officer, I wanted to provide a digital space where I could share information with everyone working in nursing and midwifery including sharing news, stories and good practice. 

The purpose of this platform is to host, in one place, web-links to information which is essential to keep you up-to-date during this COVID-19 response. This platform is designed to complement all the other updates you get, for example, from your employer, professional bodies, professional regulator, unions.

I want to reiterate my thanks to each and every Nurse, Midwife, Nursing Assistant, Maternity Support Worker, Nursing and Midwifery Student for your dedication, professionalism, positivity and courage. Your contribution is highly valued by us all, those serving at the highest level of government, your multidisciplinary colleagues and most importantly, the patients, families and the communities for whom you provide care and services. 

Important COVID-19 updates:

NMC & UK CNOs Joint letter supporting nursing and midwifery professionals during the Covid-19 pandemic 
Access CEC e-learning programmes for COVID-19 Sessional Vaccinators

The Green Book COVID-19 Vaccine for information on:

  • the coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines
  • the dosage and schedule for the UK
  • recommendations for the use of the vaccine

Guidance to support Care Home visits and the use of Care Partners, it covers routes of transmission of COVID-19, donning, doffing and hand washing

COVID-19 Surge Capacity Microsite Launch Health & Social Care workers urged to get flu vaccine

Infection Prevention Control Guidance for Adult COVID-19 vaccination clinics

COVID-19: Regional Principles for Visiting in Care Settings in Northern Ireland updated

CNO provides free access for those working across all sectors including Care Homes & Primary Care to training programmes delivered by the Clinical Education Centre

Below are links to important information and updates:

COVID-19 DoH & PHA updates

  Latest Updates
Department of Health – COVID-19 Updates 
 Public Health Agency – COVID-19 Updates

For previous updates please click on the links:
Department of Health – COVID-19
Public Health Agency – COVID-19

CNO Communications

Nightingale 2020 Conference – 27 & 28 October 2020

Almost 500 nurses and midwives joined from across the world to debate and discuss issues relating to the professions & celebrate the role of nurses and midwives during the COVID-19 pandemic. Click on the links to view the two days recordings

       Watch Nightingale2020 Virtual Conference Day 1

       Watch Nightingale2020 Virtual Conference Day 2

COVID-19: Regional Principles for Visiting in Care Settings in Northern Ireland updated

CNO provides free access for those working across all sectors including Care Homes & Primary Care to training programmes delivered by the Clinical Education Centre www.cec.hscni.net

CNO encouraging all healthcare workers to get the flu vaccine

Previous Updates

Nursing & Midwifery Task Group Implementation: Next Steps Framework – A Three Phased Approach 2020 – 2026

Letter from CNO, thanking every student for the valuable contribution they make to the delivery of safe and effective care.

Document providing supporting information for students regarding returning to their normal studies.

Rapid Learning Initiative with Care Homes is underway with the following four work streams

First edition of the Nursing Now Northern Ireland –2020  International Year of The Nurse and The Midwife newsletter highlighting the significant contribution that Nurses and Midwives are making to the health and wellbeing of the people of NI and an opportunity to play video clips from:

    • Launch International Year of the Nurse and The Midwife
    • International Midwives Day
    • International Nurses day
  • Article by Dr Billy Rosa promoting the role of Palliative Care Nurses during COVID-19
  • British Journal of Nursing marked International Nurses Day (12 May 2020) with an article by Prof Charlotte McArdle and the other three UK CNOs. View the article
  • Nuala McKeever interviewing Prof Charlotte McArdle on 13 May 2020. Hear the audio clip

CNO chats with Nuala McKeever about Florence Nightingale’s pioneering work in infection control and its relevance to modern day nursing.

  • Florence Nightingale – Nursing and Midwifery 200 Years digital exhibition in the National Museums of Northern Ireland. View the video
  • Nursing Now is facilitating the global sharing of support for the nursing and midwifery communities by launching its Poetry Portal where people can share expressions of thanks, support, share emotions and come together through the medium of art. We are living through extraordinary times and the nursing and midwifery family are facing  unprecedented challenges. It is paramount that frontline health workers are encouraged to share their emotions, as well as their experiences as a way to process the often traumatic situations they are faced with on a daily basis. To read poems or share your own, click here

For some inspiration:

Education Providers COVID-19 Updates

The Open University
Queens University Belfast
Ulster University
Clinical Education Centre
COVID-19 Programmes

Information for Nursing & Midwifery Students

Previous Updates


General Practice Nursing

General Practice Nursing

Clinical Education Centre free access for those working in Primary Care to training programmes delivered by the until 31st March 2021 www.cec.hscni.net

RCN Northern Ireland Webinars 1.30pm – 4.30pm Free of charge via MS Teams

Previous Updates

Are you interested in a career in General Practice Nursing – View the Career Pathway

The General Practice Nurse Course is being offered by Ulster University, Jordanstown.  Hear more about the course from Course Director Evelyn Walton, view video clip

NMC COVID-19 Updates


NIPEC Updates

Your Stories & Best Practice

For those working in health and social care complete this survey about the quality of your working life and coping while working during a COVID-19 Pandemic.

Staff from South Eastern HSC Trust highlighting key messages and advice on how to keep yourself safe at work.

Stories from participants on the Global Leadership Development Programme

Story from Fiona Pierce following Royal Visit

Hear from Learning Disabilities Nurses in Southern & Western HSC Trusts how they have cared for their clients during the COVID-19 Pandemic

  • Julie Anne Colvin Southern HSC Trust, Learning Disabilities Health Facilitator Nurse. View video
  • Clionagh McElhinney, Western HSC Trust, Acute Liaison Nurse for Learning Disabilities. View video

Evelyn Walton, Lecturer Ulster University & Course Director for the General Practice Nursing Programmes. View video clip

Evelyn provides an update on the new General Practice Nursing Course commencing in September 2020 at Ulster University, Jordanstown Campus.

Karen Edwards tells her story of how she and her staff have continued to care for the residents in Phoenix Clinic during the Corona Virus pandemic.

  • “Nursing Northern Ireland and the world to health & wellbeing”. View the video

This video was made to celebrate International Nurses day on 12 May 2020.

  • Dr Patricia Gillen & Paula McFadden, Ulster University & Southern HSC Trust. View the video

Patricia & Paula want to hear from nurses and midwives and understand more about their quality of working life and coping in relation to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Complete the survey

  • District Nursing Team Leader Liz McCormick, South Eastern Trust. View the video

Liz tells her story about helping her nursing colleagues and caring for residents in one of the Nursing Homes in South Eastern Trust. Chief Nursing Officer Charlotte McArdle encourages other Nurses to consider undertaking this opportunity.

  • Dr Dale Spence Midwifery Officer DoH, Alana Divito, Midwife, Northern HSC Trust & Annette, mum-to-be. View the video

Advice for mums about maternity services during the COVID-19 pandemic. Alana is a participant on the Nightingale Challenge 2020 Global Leadership Development Programme.

  • Midwives Mobilising the World to Health and Well-being. View the video

Some of those celebrating the International Day of the Midwife 2020 with Northern Ireland Midwives are, Prof. Charlotte McArdle, Chief Nursing Officer, Dr Dale Spence Midwifery Officer,  Health Minister Robin Swann, Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director General  & Fran McConville, Midwife WHO and Ciara Close, Student Midwife.

  • Mary Frances McManus, Nursing Officer, Department of Health & Marie Canavan, School Nurse, Belfast Trust. View the video

Advice for staff and pupils in schools in relation to good hygiene, social distancing and what to do if presenting with signs & symptoms of COVID-19.

  • Chief Nursing Officer, Charlotte McArdle and Ashleigh Pullins, District Nurse, Northern HSC Trust. View the video

A demonstration from Ashleigh on what patients can expect when being visited by District Nursing services in their own homes. Ashleigh is a participant on the Nightingale Challenge 2020 Global Leadership Development Programme.

Professor Charlotte McArdle
Chief Nursing Officer
Department of Health