Evidence suggests that where possible, staff should be redeployed consistently to the same clinical areas. Staff redeployed to clinical settings where they would not normally work will require a minimum structured orientation to the area. General principles include that the individuals should:

  • Have access to a general information pack relating to the area
  • Be identifiable as redeployed (name badges or scrubs/ uniform)
  • Where possible be allocated a ‘buddy’ who they work alongside and who can support them
  • Not be expected to work outside their scope of practice
  • Only deliver care activities that they have been deemed competent in and are confident to complete.

It is important that all individuals who are redeployed take ownership of their own responsibility to seek out the relevant information they need to orientate themselves to the clinical area, supported by their assigned ‘buddies’.

The checklists below can be adapted to specific areas:

View the Environmental Orientation Checklist

View the Skills Checklist

For additional information specific to particular care settings e.g. Private Nursing Homes, please see below.