Much work has taken place over the last 18 months to review the extant nursing assessment data set and document for adult hospital based care. In preparation for the Encompass programme of work, the Recording Care regional Steering Group led the revision of the current adult hospital based care data set including: testing of the new format with student nurses, registered nurses and service users; advice from the relevant regional groups to revise risk assessments; and implementation of the current agreed direction for person-centred nursing care planning in Northern Ireland: PACE.

NIPEC has also produced a number of web-based resources to assist teams, including a webinar and a presentation on the on relevant changes

  • This document is to be used in Adult Inpatient Settings
  • This document is for single use only i.e. to be used for one admission and should not be transferred to another HSC Trust if a Person transfers for care delivery
  • This document is to be used to care for people aged 18 years and over. If a person under 18 years is admitted to the clinical area, expert guidance should be sought in relation to completing nursing documents e.g. the risk assessments that are suitable for the Person. Additional advice is in a webinar in relation to this area of guidance.