NIPEC was asked to project manage the development of an attributes framework to support the implementation of safety and quality in HSC Trusts across Northern Ireland (NI). Dr Gavin Lavery Director of the Northern Ireland Safety Forum was asked to lead the Project.


The Attributes Framework was launched by the Minister on 9 December 2014. The attributes have been developed to enable staff, including those in training, to improve the services they provide for their patients/service users. There are four levels of Attributes; the first one Strengthening Foundations for Improvement is applicable for all those working in Health and Social Care or those in training.


24th September 2013
Project Plan
Development of an Attributes Framework - Supporting the Development of Leaders for Quality and Safety in Northern Ireland’s Health and Social Care System.
3rd November 2014
Supporting Leadership for Quality Improvement and Safety
An Attributes Framework for Health and Social Care - Quality 2020