26th September 2013 Agenda Action Notes
 16th January 2014 Agenda Action Notes
 31st March 2014 Agenda Action Notes
 8th May 2014 Agenda Action Notes
 24th June 2014 Agenda Action Notes
 29th September 2014 Agenda Action Notes


 Chair - Lynn Fee, Southern HSC Trust
 Name Organisation 
 Cathy McCusker (Project Lead)  NIPEC
 Jinna Brownlees  NIPEC Council Member
 Heather Clyde  Southern HSC Trust
 Allison Hume  Northern HSC Trust
 Joanna Darling  Management Side, Regional KSF Forum
 Majella Doran  Clinical Education Centre
 Paul Donaghy  Leadership Centre
 Marie Downey  Unison Nursing Auxiliary Forum
 Donna Gallagher  Open University
 Judith Goodall  Clinical Education Centre
 Moria Mannion  Belfast HSC Trust
 Melanie McClurg (Until October 2013)  HR, DHSSPS
 Kieran McAteer (From October 2013)  HR, DHSSPS
 Michelle McDonald  UNISON
 Maura McKenna  Trade Union Forum & Regional KDF Forum
 Brenda McIlmurray  RCN Nursing Auxiliary Forum
 Linzi McIlroy  Royal College of Nursing
 Sharon McRoberts  South Eastern HSC Trust
 Annetta Quigley  Western HSC Trust
 To be represented by RCN & Unison  Unite Nursing Auxiliary
 Myra Weir (until October 2013)  Director of Human Resources Forum
 Claire Smyth (from October 2013)  Director of Human Resources Forum

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