The former Trust Nurses Association for Northern Ireland asked NIPEC to undertake a project on Nurse Prescribing. The project reviewed the implementation of Nurse Prescribing in Northern Ireland, commenced in October 2006 and was completed in May 2007.


To facilitate this, a project structure was set up including a Steering Group (use these links to view minutes of the meetings held during the lifetime of the project) representing key stakeholders across the service sector and education sectors. A Senior Officer from NIPEC was the Project Lead for the project. A detailed work programme was taken forward involving Nurse Prescribing Advisors, Nurse Prescribing Leads in the Trusts and Nurse Prescribers across Northern Ireland.

The main findings indicated that planning in advance of the development of Nurse Prescribing was limited, as was the establishment of the necessary infrastructure to underpin the implementation and support for Nurse Prescribers themselves. There was recognition of areas of good practice and acknowledgement that robust governance systems are in place to ensure effective risk management. A number of recommendations were made as a result of the project, some of which are specific to Nurse Prescribing, while others are for consideration by Trusts as they continue to develop new roles and extend the roles of nurses and midwives.


4th June 2007
Nurse Prescribing Role - Final Report
Review of the Implementation of the Nurse Prescribing Role (on behalf of the Trust Nurses Association in Northern Ireland)