In February 2012, the Chief Nursing Officer (CNO) commissioned NIPEC to lead a Review of the Impact of the Maternity Support Worker (MSW) role in maternity services.

The purpose of the review was to evaluate;

  • The impact of the role of the MSW (Band 3) within maternity services, hospital and community, in supporting midwives to provide a high standard of care to women, their partners and babies before, during and after birth
  • If the education programme prepares the MSW to be "fit for purpose" for the role

The findings from the review support the positive impact of the MSW role within maternity services. The role is considered as an invaluable asset to midwives in the care of women and has made a significant difference to the organisation of the midwives' workload.

Under direction and supervision of midwives, the role of the MSW can assist in the delivery of quality care to women, their partners and babies, before, during and after birth.

This review also demonstrates that the education programme appears to be relevant and provides the MSW with the necessary skills and knowledge to undertake their role.

Examples of how the role of the MSW impacts on maternity care are presented within the report.

NIPEC would like to thanks all those who contributed to this review.

View the Final Report.

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