16th October 2013 Agenda Action Notes
 12th December 2013 Agenda Action Notes
 4th February 2014 Agenda Action Notes
 8th April 2014 Agenda Action Notes
 3rd June 2014 Agenda Action Notes
 26th June 2014 Agenda Action Notes

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 Chair Brenda Creaney, Director of Nursing, Belfast HSCT
 Name Organisation 
 Cathy McCusker (Project Lead)  NIPEC
 Catrina Campbell  Clinical Education Centre
 Dr John Collins  NIMDTA
 Roisin Devlin  Royal College of Nursing
 Lynn Fee  Assistant Director of Nursing, SHSCT
 Christine Goan  RQIA
 Elizabeth Graham  Assistant Director of Nursing, NHSCT
 Linda Johnston  Queens University Belfast
 Caroline Lee  DHSSPS
 Moira Mannion  Co-Director of Nursing, BHSCT
 Donna McConnell  Lecturer, University of Ulster
 Siobhan McIntyre  Public Health Agency/Health and Social Care Board
 Sharon McRoberts  Assistant Director of Nursing Workforce and Education, SEHSCT
 Annetta Quigley  Lead Nurse, Workforce Planning and Development, WHSCT
 Maryna Wylie  Director of Human Resources
 Dr Vinod Tohani  NIPEC Council Member

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Contact Information


Cathy McCusker
Senior Professional Officer
Tel: 0300 300 0066