Chair Brenda Creaney , Executive Director of Nursing and User Experience
Name Organisation
Carole McKenna (Project Lead) NIPEC
Patricia Ferguson BHSCT
Tracy Kennedy BHSCT
AnnMarie Ward BHSCT
Patricia Loughan SHSCT
Mary Burke SHSCT
Chris McCavana SHSCT
Raymond Jackson WHSCT
Mark Gillespie WHSCT
Sheila Dawson SEHSCT
Raymond Gray SEHSCT
Ruth Watson SEHSCT
Barbara McDowell-Anderson SEHSCT
Helen McClurg, NHSCT
Fiona Jess UNISON
Marion Ritchie UNISON
Elizabeth Brownlees HR
Annemarie O’Neill RCN

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Contact Information

Dr Carole McKenna
Senior Professional Officer
Tel: 0300 300 0066