NIPEC began working in partnership with the Public Health Agency, the five HSC Trusts and the RCN in late 2011 to develop job planning guidance to:-

  • Provide a job planning tool to assist nurses, managers and commissioners to design Clinical Nurse Specialist roles. 
  • Ensure that nurses are supported in their roles as specialists.
  • Ensure that we, who are responsible for our health and social care system, can account for and value appropriately the contribution such roles increasingly make to the provision of services.

On 28 March 2012 at a workshop to celebrate Clinical Nurse Specialist roles the interim Job planning guidance document was launched by Acting Chief Nursing Officer Angela McLernon. The Minister for Health and Social Services and Public Safety, Mr Edwin Poots MLA also addressed delegates and heard presentations from a couple of the Clinical Nurse Specialists click here copy of programme presentations


14th October 2014
Clinical Nurse Specialist ToolKit
Job Planning Guidance Toolkit
for Clinical Nurse Specialist Roles
29th March 2012
Clinical Nurse Specialist Roles
A Steering Group comprising the Executive Directors of Nursing from across the five
Health and Social Care (HSC) Trusts and the Public Health Agency (PHA), facilitated
by the Northern Ireland Practice and Education Council for Nursing and Midwifery
(NIPEC), is leading the development of job planning guidance for clinical nurse
28th March 2012
Clinical Nurse Specialist Programme
28 March 2012
Octagon Suite, King’s Hall, Belfast