From June to November 2006 NIPEC led a six month DHSSPS commissioned project with the assistance of a partnership Regional Review Group chaired by Mrs Hazel Baird (Director of Nursing, Homefirst Community Trust and NIPEC Council Member).

Membership of the Review Group was composed of colleagues across the HPSS and branches of nursing with related expertise. The review looked at the practice of clinical supervision across post-registration nursing in the acute and community settings of Northern Ireland. 

For the purpose of this review, the term "clinical supervision" included a wide range of activities that has a "supervision" impact such as action learning, reflective learning groups, critical companionship, professional and peer supervision, particularly where such activities are formally identified as having similar principles to clinical supervision.

Terms of Reference for the Review Group, along with Minutes from monthly meetings can be downloaded via the links below. The work within NIPEC was led by Dr Bob Brown with the assistance of Miss Lesley Barrowman.  

The outcome of this review was a report on the level and effectiveness of clinical supervision arrangements across the HPSS which included a detailed summary of the methodology of the review and findings. An appropriate action plan included in the report subsequently raised the profile and necessity of clinical supervision activities.

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