NIPEC has developed an online Competence Assessment Tool for nurses and midwives, promoting the mental health and well-being of children and young people. This Competence Assessment Tool can be accessed by clicking below. (Please note, in order to assess yourself using the Competence Assessment Tool you must first register on the NIPEC Online Portfolio website - you can do this via the register button on the homepage).

NIPEC led a project on behalf of DHSSPS to develop a competency profile for nurses and midwives: promoting the mental health and well- being of children and young people. The competency profile comprises of a :-

  • Competency Framework
  • Learning & Development Framework
  • Competence Assessment Tool

The competence assessment tool has been mapped to KSF to facilitate registrants preparing for their appraisal/development review meetings.

To view the competency profile click below - the competence assessment tool can be found in appendix 5.


  • To access the competence assessment tool/s please follow the link to the online portfolio you must be registered on the site to view the competence assessment tools section which is located on the left hand menu bar.
  • Competency Profile

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