19th February 2009 Programme Summary of Workshop
17th June 2009 Programme Summary of Workshop
7th October 2009 Programme Summary of Workshop
27th November 2009 Programme  

Download the written Project Plan.

View the two documents summarising existing competency frameworks and competencies that were discussed at the workshop held on 19th February 2009.

Name Organisation
Julie Anderson Team Coordinator/Nurse Specialist, SE HSC Trust
Claire Marie Bailie Volunteer, Mindwise NV
Celine Bradley Carer, Mindwise NV
Clare Brannigan Volunteer, Mindwise NV
Geraldine Byers Nurse Consultant, Belfast HSC Trust
Marie Carey Nurse Advisor, NHSSB
Jane Carney CAMHS Psychology Lead, Belfast HSC Trust
Pauline Carson Teaching Fellow, Child & Young People, QUB
Zara Rachel Coulter Volunteer, Mindwise NV
Megan Crothers Volunteer, Mindwise NV
Moira Davern Co-Director for Nursing Education & Learning, Belfast HSC Trust
Paul Devlin Referral Coordinator/Clinical Nurse Specialist, Southern HSC Trust
Anne Doherty Deputy Director, Mindwise NV
Gary Doherty Belfast Addiction Service, Belfast HSC Trust
Mairead Donnelly Health Visiting Team Manager, Southern HSC Trust
Lucy Fitzsimmons Lead Nurse, CAMHS
Donna Gallagher Staff Tutor Nursing, Open University
Dr Peter Gallagher Consultant Psychiatrist, Northern HSC Trust
David Galliland Asst. Director of CAMHS for NHSCT, Northern HSC Trust
Nuala Giffen Behaviour Support Nurse, Disability Services, South Eastern HSC Trust
Shona Hamilton Midwife Education Consultant, Beeches Management Centre
Barney Hanna Clinical Nurse Specialist, Belfast HSC Trust
Heather Hanna Specialist Registrar, Child Psychiatry
Mary Findon-Henry Lecturer, Mental Health & Learning Disability, University of Ulster
Julie Hill Training & Development Manager, Mindwise NV
Billie Hughes Clinical Services Manager, Belfast HSC Trust
Dr James Hughes Consultant Paediatrician, Southern HSC Trust
Stuart Johnston Volunteer, Mindwise NV
Gerard Leavey Director of Research at NIAMH, NIAMH
Fiona Martin Asst Director of Nursing, Mental Health & Learning Disability, QUB
Mary McCarthy Senior Clinical Nurse Specialist, Southern HSC Trust
Joe McConvey Nurse Lecturer, QUB
Calum McDonald Principal Health Care Manager, NI Prison Service
Donna McGeary Asst Service Manager, A&E and Acute Admissions, Belfast HSC Trust
Amanda McLean Nurse Development Lead, Belfast HSC Trust
Rhonda McLaughlin Nurse Manager, Emergency Department, South Eastern HSC Trust
John McLeod Team Leader (Multi-Agency Support Team for Schools), Northern HSC Trust
Dr Paula McLorinan Consultant Psychiatrist, Belfast HSC Trust
Luke McSorley Nurse Education Consultant, Northern HSC Trust
Martin Milligan Nurse Education Consultant, Beeches Management Centre
Teresa Mungar Ward Manager, Children & Adolescents, South Eastern HSC Trust
Karen Murray Teaching Fellow - Midwifery, QUB
Meabh Murray Volunteer, Mindwise NV
Jackie Nelson Head of Nursing, Northern HSC Trust / Regional Coordinator for the Development
Eating Disorder Service within CAMHS
Paul O'Hare Behaviour Nurse Therapist / Team Leader Behaviour Support Team, South Eastern
HSC Trust
Helen Sherry Health Visitor, Action for Children
Ruth Watson Clinical Manager, South Eastern HSC Trust
Dr Janet Watters General Practitioner
Jonathan Welsh Clinical Nurse Specialist, Belfast HSC Trust
Jennifer Wright Volunteer, Mindwise NV


Contact Information

Cathy McCusker
Senior Professional Officer
Tel: 0300 300 0066

CAHMS Project Board