Continuous personal and professional development is an essential requirement for every NMC registrant. The purpose of the Development Framework project, and its various resources, was to support and promote nurses', midwives' and SCPHNS' personal and professional development with the ultimate aim of improving patient/client care.

NMC Registrants received a copy of Your Development Framework Part 2 with an accompanying DVD. These explained how the DF helps to :-

  • Build an online portfolio
  • Assess yourself using the Competency Profile
  • Support your development, choose learning activities which suit your learning style
  • Plan for your career development
  • Use the roles guide if you are planning a new role development

Throughout the life of the Project, various publications have been produced, resulting in a body of information incorporating evidencing-based papers and guidance documents. These papers may be found in the Publication Section.

Download the Project Final Report which provides an overview of the project.

Click here for some background information regarding the Development Framework Project.

NIPEC has completed the work with the three universities in NI to develop a student version of the Development Framework website. This was launched at the end of September 2008.

Contact Information

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Senior Professional Officer
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