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Chair- Paddie Blaney, Chief Executive, NIPEC
Name Organisation
Mrs Geraldine Connolly Practice Nurse Facilitator, SHSSB
Miss Karen Craig Staff Nurse, Mater Hospital
Mrs Margaret Devlin Consumer Services Manager, NHSSB
Mrs Liz Dodds Ward Manager, Longstone Hospital
Mrs Jennifer Donnan Clinical Educator, NI Hospice
Mrs Judy Houlihan Nurse Development Officer
Ms Elaine Madden Lead Midwife, UCHT
Mrs Heather Maxwell Home Manager, Abbeylands Care Home
Miss Linda McAteer Staff Nurse, Belfast City Hospital
Ms Julie McConville Lecturer/Practitioner in Health Visiting (Joint appt between Craigavon & UU)
Mr Pat McGreevy Lecturer/Practitioner in Health Vistiting (Joint appt between Down Lisburn & UU)
Mrs Fiona McGuigan Practice Development Coordinator
Miss Therese McKernan Director of HR, Green Park
Mr Luke McSorley Nurse Teacher, N&W  In-Service Consortium
Mrs Ciara Osbourne Sister, Accident and Emergency, RGH
Miss Lesley Barrowman Senior Professional Officer, NIPEC
Mrs Tanya McCance Senior Professional Officer, NIPEC
Mr Brendan McGrath Senior Professional Officer, NIPEC
Mr Edmund Thom Head of Corporate Services, NIPEC
Mrs Barbara Bradley Professional Officer, NIPEC
Mrs Cathy McCusker Project Manager, Development Framework
Mrs Angela Drury Project Officer, Development Framework
Mrs Julie Edgar Information Officer, NIPEC
Mrs Mary Waddell Director of Nursing, EHSSB

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