Nursing and midwifery leadership is vital to the delivery of safe and effective person-centred care. Due to the huge breadth of the Ward Sister/Charge Nurses role the Chief Nursing Officer (CNO) in 2009, asked NIPEC to facilitate, on behalf of the DHSSPS and the Executive Directors of Nursing, a Regional "Leading Care" Project to support and strengthen the role of the Ward Sisters/Charge Nurses in Health and Social Care (HSC) Trusts throughout Northern Ireland.

NIPEC worked in close collaboration with the HSC Trusts and range of stakeholders to progress the project and develop a range of regionally agreed resources including a:

  • Job Description
  • Competence Assessment Tool Career Pathway Learning and Development Framework
  • Website for Ward Sisters/Charge Nurses -

Considerable investment has been expended to ensure these resources have become embedded in practice including, the appointment of Professional Officers within each Trusts. In light of the investment to the project and the work undertaken to develop the resources, the Acting CNO asked NIPEC during 2013 to measure the impact of the resources from the Leading Care Project across the five HSC Trusts.

In 2012 NIPEC had developed an Impact Measurement Framework (the Framework).

It was considered timely to evaluate the efficacy of the Framework during the process of the measuring the impact of the resources developed from the Leading Care Project.

Thus the aim was twofold:

  • Measure the impact of the Leading Care resources across the five HSC Trusts
  • Test the efficacy of the Framework.

An Impact Measurement Team (IMT) was convened in February 2013. The Impact Measurement project was chaired by an Assistant Director for Workforce and Education from an HSC Trust and led by a NIPEC Senior Professional Officer (SPO) supported by a member of NIPEC's administrative team to support transparency, a key principle underpinning the Framework's approach to impact measurement, a NIPEC Council member formed part of the project team.

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