The Review of the introduction of the Ward Sister/Charge Nurse Support Officer Role was completed in September 2012. This Review was commissioned by Mary Hinds, Director of Nursing and Allied Health Professionals (AHPs), Public Health Agency (PHA), with the aim of “assessing the impact of the Support Officer role, in releasing the Ward Sister/Charge Nurse to focus on delivering improvements in quality, safety and the patient/client experience; as a result of additional funding from the DHSSPS”.

The Review team comprised of the Assistant Directors of Nursing (Workforce) from the five HSC Trusts and Fiona Bradley was Project Lead. View the membership of the Review team. The Final Report was submitted to PHA in September 2012 and is available to view and download from this website.

All the project objectives were achieved within the agreed time frame and can be viewed by clicking on the following:

  1. Gather and analyse information from each of the five HSC Trusts in relation to establishment of the Support Officer Role against the Trust implementation plans, using: Trust implementation plan; job description; date the post was introduced; allocation to wards and hours worked; induction process and plan for learning and development. Click here
  2. Undertake focus groups in each of the five Trusts to capture qualitative feedback from Ward Sisters/Charge Nurse role. Service user experience will be captured through feedback from focus groups. Click here
  3. Agree data set to facilitate the evaluation of the Ward Sister's/Charge Nurse's contribution to delivering improvements in quality, safety and the patient experience; collate and analyse data from each HSC Trust. Click here
  4. Share findings of review and agree recommendations with HSC Trust Executive Directors and Assistant Directors of Nursing before finalising the report. Click here

To view references used within the report, click below.

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