4th November 2011 Agenda Action Notes
 30th January 2012 Agenda Action Notes
 30th April 2012 Agenda Action Notes

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 Chair - Frances Rice, Executive Director of Nursing, SHSCT
 Name Organisation 
Bob Brown Assistant Director of Nursing, Learning & Development, SEHSCT
Sally Campalani Senior Nurse, Cancer Services, BHSCT & NIPEC Council Member
Louise Campbell Home Manager, IHCP
Rita Devlin Senior Professional Development Officer, RCN
Kathy Fodey Nursing Officer, DHSSPS
Dawn Ferguson Practice Education Facilitator, SHSCT
Sue Foster Lecturer in Palliative Care, NI Hospice
Elizabeth Graham Head of Nursing, Education and Development, NHSCT
Moira Mannion Director of Nursing, Education and Learning, BHSCT
Cathy McCusker Senior Professional Officer, NIPEC
Brendan McGrath Assistant Director of Nursing, Workforce Planning & Modernisation, WHSCT
Phelim Quinn Director of Nursing, RQIA
Annette Taylor Midwifery Practice Education Facilitator, RCM

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Contact Information


Cathy McCusker
Senior Professional Officer
Tel: 0300 300 0066