Supervision of midwives is a statutory responsibility which provides a mechanism for support and guidance to every midwife practising in the United Kingdom (UK). The purpose of supervision of midwives is to protect women and babies by actively promoting a safe standard of midwifery practice.

Supervision has evolved over the past number of years and is held in high regard by the midwifery profession along with a range of stakeholders. A number of recent inquiries and reports have recently raised significant issues regarding the function and impact of Midwifery Supervision. As a result the NMC commissioned the King's Fund to conduct a UK-wide review of Midwifery Supervision.

Recently in Northern Ireland (NI), the Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety's (DHSSPS) Chief Nursing Officer (CNO) convened and facilitated high level discussions across Executive Directors of Nursing and the Heads of Midwifery and the LSAMO Midwifery Officer. Although there were no concerns or issues identified regarding midwifery supervision in NI, it was considered timely to conduct a NI review.

An Expert Reference Group was established and  a project plan agreed to take the review forward, with the submission of a report including recommendations of models of midwifery supervision for NI to the CNO by June 2015.

A regional engagement workshop took place on 20th April 2015. Women along with Midwives from all areas of practice, education, leadership and research participated in the day, a lot of good discussion and debate took place. Click here for a copy of the programme and presentations.

The Final Report was submitted to the CNO which has informed the wider UK agenda on the futher of Midwifery Supervision.

View the Action Notes and Agenda's from the Midwifery Supervision meetings.

Go to Review of Midwifery Supervision NI Documents


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