NIPEC in partnership with the Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety (DHSSPS), Public Health Agency (PHA) and the five Health and Social Care Trusts (HSCTs)  has developed a Core Competency Framework for nurses and midwives , promoting their role and responsibilities in Safeguarding Children and Young People. It is anticipated that this framework will support the future implementation of standards which are being developed as part of the enhancements of Understanding the Needs of Children in Northern Ireland (UNOCINI), and ongoing developments within the Regional Safeguarding Board for Northern Ireland.


The Core Competency Framework reflects the current knowledge base and scope of practice required by nurses and midwives for safeguarding children and young people. It takes cognizance of current regional policy direction and other policies associated with the safeguarding issues relating to children and young people.

To inform the development of this framework an Expert Reference Group was established, comprising of 5 Trust Safeguarding Lead Nurses with representation from Midwifery, Mental Health and PHA's Safeguarding Nurse. The group provided expertise in identifying best practice in relation to safeguarding practice and required training and development of nurses and midwives.


12th March 2012
Core Competency Framework
This core competency framework is the outcome of a successful partnership between the Office of the Chief Nursing Officer (DHSSPS),
the Public Health Agency (PHA), the Five Health and Social Care Trusts (HSCTs) and the Northern Ireland Practice and Education Council for Nursing and Midwifery (NIPEC).
11th January 2017
Regional Guidance Safeguarding Learning And Development Strategy V1.0