The Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety Education Strategy Group identified a need for streamlining of application and selection processes for Higher Education Institutions (universities) during 2011. NIPEC was commissioned by this group to undertake a project to improve the efficiency of the application and selection processes.

The rationale for this piece of work lay in a desire to support a process by which students may apply to, and be effectively and efficiently selected for, pre-registration nursing programmes. It should be noted that whilst this project encompasses nursing programmes only, some cognisance was given to the applicability of the developed strategy for direct entry midwifery programmes. The Project was carried out over two phases.

The first phase of the Project was completed in 2012. A summary report was presented to Education Strategy Group, DHSSPS, in November 2011, where the recommendations were accepted and implementation was approved. View the summary report of First Phase.

Phase 2 of the project began in September 2013 with a renewed Project Steering Group and was completed in 2014.

View the summary report of the Second Phase.

A copy of the final documents can be found below.

  • Click here to view documentation relevant to Phase 1 of this Project.
  • Click here to view documentation relevant to Phase 2 of this Project.
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