28th February 2007 Agenda Action Notes
 25th April 2007 Agenda Action Notes
 27th June 2007 Agenda Action Notes
 22nd August 2007 Agenda Action Notes
 25th October 2007 Agenda Action Notes
 19th December 2007 Agenda Action Notes
 29th January 2008 Agenda  
 20th March 2008    
 Chair  - Eleanor Hayes, Belfast HSCT
Name Organisation 
Liz Bannon NMC Council Member
Teresa Barr Beeches Management Centre
Lesley Barrowman SPO, NIPEC
Paddie Blaney Chief Executive, NIPEC
Linda Coey NMC Council Member
Moira Davren Belfast HSCT
Caroline Goldthorpe Southern HSCT
Elizabeth Graham Northern HSCT
Kathy Fodey DHSSPS
Molly Kane Northern HSCT
Isabel Leeman Queens University Belfast
Charlotte McArdle South Eastern HSCT
Shirley McClean Independent Health & Care Providers
Lin McDonagh Open University
Brendan McGrath Western HSCT
Florence McMahon NIPEC Council Member
Joan O'Hagan Southern HSCT
Brenda Poulton University of Ulster
Nikki Walker Project Manager, NIPEC
Mary Watkins University of Ulster


Contact Information

Frances Cannon
Senior Professional Officer
Tel : 0300 300 0066