The current model of community maternity care in Northern Ireland (NI) largely operates within a traditional model of care. That is, there is a tendency to rely on women to present themselves to their General Practitioner as the first point of contact. Some changes to the traditional model have taken place here, however this mainly depends on where women live.

DHSSPS (2012): A Strategy for Maternity Care in Northern Ireland (2012-2018) endorses the key messages from Midwifery 20:20 and plans to shape and refine current service delivery. In addition other important strategic drivers such as Quality 2020 (2010) and Fit and Well - Changing Lives (2012) a Public Health Strategy will affect future services.

Public Health Agency (PHA) has approached the Northern Ireland Practice and Education Council for Nursing and Midwifery (NIPEC) to work in partnership with Health and Social Care colleagues to describe current provision and propose new models of community maternity care in support of the implementation of the Maternity Care Strategy.

The first phase of this project concentrated on Objectives 10 & 12 from A Strategy for Maternity Care in Northern Ireland (2012-2018). A Steering and Working Groups were established to oversee and work and to achieve the objectives. To get a range of views on implementation of the objectives the project group engaged with women, midwives, obstetricians and general practitioners read report.

Click below for Action notes from the Steering Group meetings. The Project Initiative Document (PID) outlines the project methodology and work programme.

The outputs from Phase One of the project are:

  1. Self-Referral Letter,
  2. Regional Maternity Choices Leaflet, Poster Campaign
  3. Electronic Referral Advice Page to Maternity Services from General Practice
  4. Northern Ireland Antenatal Core Care Pathway

Phase Two

This phase will concentrate on Objectives 21 and 22 of the Maternity Strategy which commenced in Feb 2016.

View the Agendas, Action Notes, and Membership of Phase One.

View the Agendas, Action Notes, and Membership of Phase Two


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