Midwives at the point of registration may supply and/or administer, on their own initiative, any of the substances specified under the "Midwives Exemptions", provided it is in the course of their midwifery practice. It is imperative that midwives fully appreciate their professional responsibility in ensuring they keep themselves up to date with current medicine legislations, relevant to their sphere of practice.

Midwives Exemptions allow midwives to supply and administer medication from an agreed list. It is important to note that in this context midwives are not prescribing medication.

Chief Nursing Officer (DoH) through the Local Supervising Authority Midwifery Officer (LSAMO) approached NIPEC to work in partnership to explore and develop evidence based guidance, communication and education support arrangements that would be of benefit and provide clarity to midwives in Northern Ireland on Medicine Legislation.

A Regional Steering Group consisting of midwives and pharmacists from across the Health and Social Care organisations worked collaboratively on this project with Brenda Devine (Lead - SPO). There were a number of outputs from the project

  1. An Interactive toolkit (accessed by clicking here )
  2. Monographs for Midwives Exemptions
  3. Regional Maternity Service Medicine Kardex

The interactive toolkit was submitted and shortlisted for the 2016 British Journal of Midwifery Practice Awards. The Ceremony was held on 8th Feb 2016 in Manchester and the resource was awarded first place in the category Contribution to Midwifery Practice.

BJMBrenda Devine BJM Awards 2016 3

NIPEC wish to congratulate all those midwives and pharmacists who engaged in this project. 

View the Action Notes, Agendas, Project Plan and Membership of the Project.

The resources from this project have an annual update last conducted in April 2016 due again in March 2017. 

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