The NMC  committed to introducing a model of revalidation for all nurses and midwives from April 2016. The chosen option required no legislative change and builds on existing systems. Revalidation  replaces PREP requirements and seeks to promote professionalism among nurses and midwives. It will require registrants to demonstrate how they meet the standards of the revised NMC Code “Professional Standards of practice and behaviour for nurse and midwives” (NMC 2015) effective 31st March 2015, NMC Code. The purpose of Revalidation is to improve public protection by making sure that nurses and midwives continue to remain fit to practice throughout their career.

Revalidation Resources - Pre Implementation

View the latest NMC Microsite on Revalidation
View the latest NMC Update (January 2016)
View the NMC How to Revalidate guidance. (EasyRead Version available here)
View the NMC Guide for Employers.
View the NMC Information for Confirmers.
View helpful information regarding registering online with the NMC.
View the Revalidation Presentation.
 View the latest Communique.
 View the most recent updates on the Implementation of Revalidation for Nurses and Midwives in NI.
 View the video of a Revalidation session.
 View the NIPEC Portfolio website.

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Programme Board

The Northern Ireland Programme Board for Revalidation convened in November 2014 supported  the implementation of revalidation in NI. Membership included stakeholder representatives from across Northern Ireland. Programme Board representatives nominated by CNO linked to the UK arrangements set up by the NMC to oversee implementation of revalidation at National level. View the membership of the Programme Board. View the notes of Programme Board meetings.

View the Implementation of NMC Revalidation Project Plan

View the Engagement and Communication Strategy.

Working Group

A Working Group reporting to the Programme Board was  established. The role of the Working Group was to facilitate the work associated with the project phases and stages. NIPEC supported the DHSSPS in its oversight of the work to introduce revalidation. View the membership of the Working Group. Frances Cannon, Senior Professional Officer was the revalidation Project Manager and for the life of the project and continues to support the DHSSPS in the  implementation of Revalidation. View  the notes of Working Group meetings.

View the Terms of Reference.

Revalidation Pilot
Before the launch of revalidation in April 2016 it was  tested as part of an NMC UK Revalidation Pilot Project. The WHSCT was the pilot site for Northern Ireland and were represented on the Programme Board. View the WHSCT revalidation newsletters.
Changes with Revalidation

 Every three years a Nurse or Midwife will:

  • Declare they have practiced 450hours or 900 in some cases (900 for some staff i.e. nurse/midwife wishing to remain on the register as both a nurse and a midwife
  • Have met the requirements for continuing professional development (CPD) 40 hours over 3 years – 20 of which must be participatory
  • Submit five pieces of practice related feedback
  • Record a minimum of five written reflections on the Code/Feedback/CPD with another NMC registrant
  • Provide declaration of good health and character
  • Provide evidence of professional indemnity arrangement
  • Obtain confirmation from a third party that they have complied with the Revalidation requirements

View the Revalidation Model and click the link to the NMC website for more information;

The Revalidation Programme Board has developed a robust engagement and communication strategy to ensure stakeholders are fully informed of how we are progressing.

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Contact Information

Frances Cannon
Senior Professional Officer
Tel : 0300 300 0066