The Respiratory Competence Assessment Tool (R-CAT) was developed and published in 2008.


From February to September 2012, the Expert Reference Group was reconvened to review the competence document in light of current policy direction contained within documents such as Quality 20:20 and Transforming Your Care. This exercise is now completed and a supplemental document has been produced to be used alongside the original R-CAT document. To download a copy of the review document, please click below.

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11th March 2016
Impact Measurement Of R-CAT Membership Group
Impact Measurement of the Respiratory Competence Assessment Tool (R-CAT) - Membership Group
5th October 2012
RCAT Final Review
Respiratory Competence Assessment Tool (R-CAT) 2012 Review Document
5th December 2011
Transforming Your Care
A Review of Health and Social Care in Northern Ireland
5th November 2011
Quality 20 20 Strategy
A 10-Year Strategy To Protect and Improve Quality In Health and Social Care In Northern Ireland.