The RHWSF Learning and Development Strategy project completed in August 2008. Since then NIPEC has published the documents developed through the project, ensuring that both the strategy and Respiratory Competence Assessment Tool (R-CAT) were distributed across the five Health and Social Care Trusts. It was the responsibility of each Trust to ensure that all relevant settings were in receipt of at least one copy of each of the documents.

Practice nurses across a number of legacy Health Board areas have also received copies of the R-CAT and staff from NIPEC have presented at a number of legacy Health Board Practice Nurse Development meetings in relation to the use of the R-CAT for practice nursing staff.

The R-CAT has also been used by the in-service consortia and universities to plan curricula comprising the learning and development required to meet the competencies described within the R-CAT.

There has been much interest from colleagues in the Department of Health (England) and Scotland’s Specialist Respiratory Nurse Forum, with members of the Steering Group travelling across the United Kingdom, presenting on the development and use of the R-CAT.

Finally there has been evidence of Trusts in Northern Ireland using the R-CAT to benchmark the practice of individuals and teams. Through self-assessment of practice against the described competencies individuals can plan learning and development activities which develop the knowledge and skills required to care for people with Asthma and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) needs. To facilitate the use of the R-CAT, NIPEC developed small sections of the document during 2009 which are now available through the Resource Section of the NIPEC main website for download.

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