25th January 2008 Agenda Action Notes
 18th April 2008 Agenda Action Notes
 21st July 2008 Agenda Action Notes
 Chair - Anne Marie Marley, Nurse Consultant, Belfast HSC Trust
Name Organisation 
Paddie Blaney Chief Executive, NIPEC
Ann Box Ward Sister, Western H&SC Trust
Maura Davren Co-Director of Education & Learning, Belfast H&SC Trust
Angela Drury Senior Professional Officer, NIPEC
Rita Devlin Senior Professional Officer, RCN
Elizabeth Graham Head of Nursing Education & Development, Northern H&SC Trust
Vi Gray Sister, Western H&SC Trust
Barbara Hanna Respiratory Nurse, South Eastern H&SC Trust
Mairead Logue Respiratory Nurse, Western H&SC Trust
Donna McConnell Nurse Lecturer, University of Ulster
Mary McDaniel Nurse Lecturer, Queens University of Belfast
Carol McGrath Nurse Practitioner, Northern H&SC Trust
Angela McVeigh Asst Director of Enhanced Services for Older People, Southern H&SC Trust
Myrtle, Neill Director of Health, Northern Ireland Chest Heart & Stroke
Stephen O'Brien Nothern Ireland Chest Heart & Stroke (July Meeting Only)
Eileen O'Rourke General Manager, Southern H&SC Trust
Edna Patterson Clinical Advisor, Asthma UK
Sara Rafferty Project Manager, NIPEC
Hilary Todd Education Manager, Educare

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Contact Information

Angela Reed
Senior Professional Officer
Tel: 0300 300 0066