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Maria McIlgorm, Chief Nursing Officer


Welcome to the digital Professional Communication Platform for Nursing & Midwifery across Northern Ireland.

This digital space provides easy access to Covid-19 related information for everyone working in nursing and midwifery including sharing news, stories and good practice.

The purpose of this platform is to host, in one place, web-links to information which is essential to keep you up-to-date during this COVID-19 response. This platform is designed to complement all the other updates you get, for example, from your employer, professional bodies, professional regulator, unions.

I want to thank each and every Nurse, Midwife, Nursing Assistant, Maternity Support Worker, Nursing and Midwifery Student for your dedication, professionalism, positivity and courage. Your contribution is highly valued by us all, those serving at the highest level of government, your multidisciplinary colleagues and most importantly, the patients, families and the communities for whom you provide care and services.


Minister approves Retention Initiative Report

Find out how the work of the Enhancing Clinical Care Framework and Care Homes Clinical Care Network is progressing and review the Framework co-produced to enable continuing safe, high quality and person centred clinical care within care homes.

Important COVID-19 updates:

Test & trace targeted approach will be introduced on a phased basis from 22 April 2022

Letter of thanks to NI nursing and midwifery workforce from CNO & Executive Directors of Nursing

Department of Health Covid-19 Vaccination Certification App

Multidisciplinary assessment clinics now accepting referrals in each HSC Trust area for people with Post Covid-19 syndrome (PCS)

Department of Health Appeal for pregnant women to get vaccinated & Dr Dale Spence Midwifery Officer offering reassurance for women about the vaccine view the video

The Green Book COVID-19 Vaccine for information on:

  • the coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines
  • the dosage and schedule for the UK
  • recommendations for the use of the vaccine

Guidance to support Care Home visits and the use of Care Partners, it covers routes of transmission of COVID-19, donning, doffing and hand washing

                  CHIEF NURSING OFFICER
COVID-19 Surge Capacity Microsite Launch Launch of the Nurses for Health Equity report at WISH on the global stage, 22 June 2021. View the video Nurses at the forefront of change, challenging the status quo

Infection Prevention Control Guidance for Adult COVID-19 vaccination clinics

Below are links to important information and updates: