This is a very exciting time to be working in General Practice, with all the opportunities for development and multidisciplinary team working, whilst caring for patients in their communities. General Practice Nursing ‘’Now and the Future" (Public Health Agency 2016) identified the need for a career pathway for nurses working in General Practice and the Chief Nursing Officer commissioned NIPEC to develop it, led by Maura Devlin, Executive Director of Nursing, Down GP Federation in partnership with other stakeholders in General Practice, Public Health Agency, Education Providers, HSC Trusts and RCN, find out more about the project.

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The Career Pathway comprises core competencies, education requirements and Job Descriptions to enable a standardised approach to the continued development of the five main roles within General Practice Nursing, including the role of Senior Nursing Assistant. Listen to Maura Devlin describing the various roles in General Practice, highlighted in this pathway, and to Dr Finbar McGrady explaining the benefits to General Practice. You can also listen to practitioners who are employed in each of the roles by viewing their individual video clips, click on each of the links below:

The Career Pathway is useful for:

  • those working in a nursing or support role in General Practice;
  • employers/managers: and
  • education providers.

General Practice Nursing

Maura Devlin, Executor Director of Nursing, Down GP Federation

Finbar McGrady, GP, Clinical Lead for Practice Based Learning, GP Federation

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