Welcome to the Career Pathway for Learning Disabilities nurses in Northern Ireland. The development of the Career Pathway was a key priority stemming from the Northern Ireland Action Plan. I hope you find it useful in whatever pathway you decide to take.

“The reason people become learning disabilities nurses are varied but one thing is universal, they make a vital contribution to the care and welfare of vulnerable people”. (Public Health Nursing Division, 2014, Strengthening the commitment: one year on). Being a Learning Disabilities nurse provides the opportunity to work with people with a learning disability and their families across the life span, from early years until end of life and consequently there is the potential to work or specialise in a diverse range of settings or roles. Within this Career Pathway, you will see evidence of this and the range of roles, responsibilities, skills and competencies held by Learning Disabilities nurses across Northern Ireland.

Being core and competent members of the wider multi-disciplinary team, Learning Disabilities nurses will have an in depth understanding of the physical and psychological health needs of the person with a learning disability, will have the knowledge and skills support people who present with a range of complex physical and mental health needs, and who may experience a range of complex behaviours; and using a person and family centred approach to care delivery at all times, will offer and deliver a variety of evidence based clinical interventions, using a range of evidence based resources and tools that is intended to support the person and their family to achieve their full potential.

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