Learning Disabilities Nursing – Real Life Stories

There are four domains in which Real Life Stories have been shared to view these click on the links below:

Clinical Domain


Antoinette Caulfield
Community Mental Health Practitioner, NHSCT
Mark Lee
Staff Nurse, BHSCT
Paul McAleer
Community Forensic Practitioner, NHSCT
Catherine McAllister
Registered Nurse Learning Disabilities, Four Seasons Health Care
Sarah McCartney
Senior Support Worker, SHSCT
Tanya McKitterick
Behaviour Nurse, SEHSCT
 Rachael McMaster
Senior Nurse Practitioner, SHSCT
 Edna O’Neill
Epilepsy Specialist Nurse, SEHSCT 
 Paul Mills
Behaviour Nurse Therapist, SEHSCT
Gillian Moore
Healthcare Facilitator, NHSCT
Patricia Simpson
Community Nurse, NHSCT 


Grainne Healey
Behaviour Nurse Specialist, BHSCT
Jenny Mills
Staff Nurse, SEHSCT
Alanna McCavana
Staff Nurse, BHSCT
Louise O’Kane
Staff Nurse, WHSCT

Education Domain

Owen Barr
Professor of Nursing and Intellectual Disabilities, UU
Joanne Blair
Nurse Lecturer, QUB
Maurice Devine
Teresa Greene
Teaching Assistant, QUB
Dr Lynne Marsh
Senior Lecturer, QUB
Damian McAleer
Nurse Education Consultant, CEC
Ian McKnight
Practice Education Facilitator, NHSCT

Management and Leadership Domain

Rhona Brennan
Ward Sister, BHSCT
John Diamond
Home Manager, Four Seasons Health Care
Yvonne Diamond
Service Manager, Four Seasons Health Care
Christina Drainey    Registered Manager, Knock Eden, Independent Sector Lorraine Feeney
Deputy Ward Sister, WHSCT
Richard Hardman
Head of Service Development, Four Seasons Health Care
Kathleen Hudson
Ward Sister, Iveagh Centre, BHSCT
Oisin McAuley
Deputy Charge Nurse, BHSCT
Clionagh McElhinney
Clinical Nurse Manager, WHSCT 
Wendy McGregor
Mental Health & Learning Disability Inspector, RQIA
Donna Morgan
 Head of Service for Learning Disability Nursing, NHSCT
Siobhan Rogan
Advanced Practitioner and Manager, SHSCT

Research and Development Domain

Professor Michael Brown
Professor in Nursing, QUB
Dr Laurence Taggart
Reader, (Senior Lecturer in Research), UU