From 1 April 2017 and until the overarching framework is developed, practising midwives in Northern Ireland can expect to:

  • Have a named midwifery supervisor (who is an experienced, additionally trained midwife)
  • Have a supervisory review with their midwifery supervisor at least once a year
  • Have 24/7 access to an experienced clinical midwife for professional advice
  • Avail of supervision from their midwifery supervisor for support and development as requested
  • Use evidence from non-statutory supervision to contribute to their revalidation activities

From 1 April 2017 Heads of Midwifery (HoMs) in Northern Ireland will expect to:

  • Keep a list of midwifery supervisors employed within their Trust
  • Maintain a record of those supervisees allocated to each midwifery supervisor
  • Ensure that newly appointed midwives are allocated a named midwifery supervisor
  • Monitor the ratio of supervisees to midwifery supervisor with an aim to maintain this at 15:1
  • Meet regularly with the midwifery supervisors to discuss and communicate emerging issues, practice standards and support sharing of best practice
  • Identify suitable midwives to be midwifery supervisors and support them to undertake appropriate preparation for the role

From 1 April 2017 Midwifery Supervisors in Northern Ireland will expect to:

  • Ensure that their supervisees have an opportunity for a supervisory review at least once a year which contributes to revalidation processes
  • Promote normality and the role of the midwife through support, advice and professional development of their supervisees
  • Use the online Northern Ireland Regional Record for Supervision of Midwives Review of Practice document to record details of supervision activities
  • Provide information, advice and advocate for women
  • Participate in regular meetings to promote high standards of supervision and communication of emerging issues and best practice

The annual review document is now available and can be completed via NIPEC's Online Portfolio which will also assist you in your preparation for NMC's Revalidation. As an NMC registrant it is important that you maintain your fitness to practice within your scope of practice and incorporate The Code in your day to day personal and professional development. Accessing NIPEC's Online Portfolio will guide you through this process.