From 2016-2018 NIPEC led a programme of work to produce Deciding to Delegate under the chairmanship of Colm Conway (NISCC) and Kathy Fodey (RQIA).

The final product from the first phase has been approved by CNMAC in March 2018 and Deciding to Delegate: A Decision Support Framework for Nursing and Midwifery was launched on 31st January 2019 by the Chief Nursing Officer Professor Charlotte McArdle.

In addition the Office of Social Services circular “The framework for the delegation of complex tasks to social care workers in Northern Ireland” was released 19th January 2019 (OSS02/2018).

Three further phases of work have been identified to support multi-professional working in integrated teams. This work has been endorsed by Chief Executive of NIPEC, Chief Executive of the Northern Ireland Social Care Council, Chief Nursing Officer and the Office of Social Services at the Department Of Health.

It was agreed that any Governance Framework might gather and use the current best practice and guidance to support safe and sustainable integrated working across sectors with service users and carers, and specify the governance each stakeholder requires to have in place to maintain an integrated approach to the prudent delegation of tasks to meet the wishes of individuals receiving care.

Patricia Higgins, Interim Chief Executive, Northern Ireland Social Care Council (NISCC) and Heather Trouton, Interim Director of Nursing, Southern Health and Social Care Trust (SHSCT) in association with NIPEC are jointly chairing the Project Assurance Group to address these priorities.

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