This Project reflects the strategic direction outlined in the Nursing and Midwifery Task Group Implementation Framework (DoH 2020) and aims to maximise the role of perioperative nursing through the development of a career pathway supported by innovative and exciting education and development opportunities and coordinated recruitment and retention programmes ensuring students and registrants get the opportunity to experience this exciting aspect of nursing.

Mary Hinds chairs the Steering Group which comprises of Senior Nursing representatives from each of the five Trusts, HR representation, nominees from CEC, QUB & Ulster University & the Royal Colleges of Nursing, Surgeons and Anaesthetists. NIPEC Council is also represented on the Group.

Currently we are surveying people who have had surgical procedures to tell us their personal stories and identify the qualities and skills that are important for perioperative nurses to have. The closing date for the survey is 15 December 2020 


If you wish to be involved in contributing to the project please contact your Trust Perioperative Lead or Nursing Workforce Lead or


Cathy McCusker
Senior Professional Officer
Tel : 0300 300 0066