Welcome to the shared information site for members of the Five Nation Task and Finish Group (5NTFG) for Enabling Professionalism Phase 2.

This short-life programme of work will produce a ‘social movement’ to be launched 12th May 2020, celebrating the Year of the Nurse/midwife, creating a five country response with potential to capture a global reach. The focus of this work is to present the art and science of nursing and midwifery in a tangible way that has meaning to policy makers and the public. This will be achieved through the production of an agreed conceptual framework to articulate what nursing/midwifery ‘is’ with sufficient flexibility to grow with the professions over time. Furthermore, both the art and science of nursing and midwifery will potentially be constructed and cultivated for each field of practice within this conceptual framework, to share narratives and speak to practitioners, policy makers and the public alike in a language that is one ‘voice of agency’.

Activity to date

Activity so far has included:

  • Nomination to, and convening of, a five Nations Task and Finish Group (5NTFG) to oversee production
  • Creation of links with the members of the 5NTFG to Country Specific Groups (CSGs) with whom ongoing outputs might be tested
  • Production of evidence papers to inform thinking
  • One meeting of the 5NTFG hosted in London at RCN Headquarters to begin the conceptual framework development
  • Resource identification by the 6GCNOs to produce a short video for launch day
  • Collation of meeting feedback and circulation of papers for comment and opinion across the members of the 5NTFG and with CSGs for review and comment

Future activity

  • Meeting to review feedback and describe future actions scheduled for 29th November 2019 in Dublin
  • Development of conceptual framework (Nov. 19 – Jan 2020)
  • Final draft conceptual framework agreed for approval by the five country CNOs (Feb. 2020)
  • Identification of individual narratives in each of the five countries through which the framework might be demonstrated, encouraging the use of the language in Enabling Professionalism to describe practice within the conceptual framework (Jan. – Mar. 2020)
  • Production of a showcase of video montages demonstrating what nursing and midwifery ‘is’ for release on 12th May 2020 (Completed April 2020)
  • Support the development of portals on Departmental websites/other regional organisations where the framework may be used by nurses and midwives nationally and globally to submit video clips using the framework to articulate what their nursing or midwifery ‘is’ for review by a sub group of volunteers from the 5NTFG for inclusion on relevant websites (ready for go live 12th May 2020)

Up and coming events

Next meeting of the 5NTFG: Future dates:
Friday 29th November 2019
Time: 11am – 3:30 pm
Town Hall at the Department of Health,
Head Office, Block 1, Miesian Plaza,
50-58 Lower Baggot Street,
Dublin 2, D02 XW14.
Thursday 30th January 2019
Time: 11am – 3:30 pm
Belfast – exact venue TBC.
Contact liaison for venue:
Contact liaison for venue: