At the request of the Chief Nursing Officer NIPEC has undertaken to lead an initiative to further develop the NIPEC Learning Agreement Template to support the HSC Trusts to evaluate the impact in practice of commissioned educational programmes and activities.


Each year the DOH commission post-registration education programmes for Nurses and Midwives working in the HSC through the Education Commissioning Group (ECG). Programmes may include: study days; standalone modules; courses leading to an academic award; and a range of other development activities, such as development of practice.

It is recognised that continued education for nurses positively affects practice however little work has been undertaken to evaluate the impact of education on nursing care and clinical outcomes. At a time, when investment in education is under ever increasing pressure it is important that employers and practitioners can demonstrate how undertaking an education programme improves and supports the delivery of person centred, safe effective care.


The purpose, therefore, of this initiative is to review the current evidence regarding the approaches used to evaluate the impact in practice of educational programmes and drawing on that evidence base to further develop the NIPEC Learning Agreement Template, to support the HSC Trust organisations to measure the impact in practice of nursing staff undertaking commissioned education.

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Frances Cannon
Senior Professor Officer
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