NIPEC began working in partnership with the Public Health Agency, DoH, five HSC Trusts and the RCN in September 2011 to identify a set of high level Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to measure, evidence and monitor the impact and unique contribution of nursing and midwifery on the quality of patient and client care. The overall aim of the Evidencing Care through Key Performance Indicators for Nursing and Midwifery project is to support nursing and midwifery staff in sustaining change to practice which enhances the patient/client experience through a standardised approach to measuring and monitoring KPIs.

Phase one of the project has now been completed and an initial set of regional KPIs have been agreed. A Regional Professional Advisory Group was established in January 2014, chaired by Charlotte McArdle, Chief Nursing Officer at the DHSSPS. This Group will meet on a quarterly basis to focus on agreeing the parameters for measurement of the key performance indicators to include assurance, performance and continuous improvement, with visual display for maximum effect, for example, Dashboards. In addition, the Group will explore and review current information systems for collecting, analysing and recording data to provide a regionally acceptable approach and define a regional implementation, evaluation and monitoring strategy that includes support, training and facilitation for the introduction, spread and sustainability of the KPIs.

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Evidencing Care through Key Performance Indicators for Nursing and Midwifery
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