In October 2010, the Chief Nursing Officer launched Delivering Excellence Supporting Recovery: a Professional Framework for Mental Health Nursing in Northern Ireland (2011 – 2016). A Professional Framework for Mental Health Nursing in Northern Ireland (2011 – 2016)”. A copy of this document is available below.

This Framework sets out the priorities for mental health nurses over the next five years. It has equal relevance to mental health nurses in the statutory, independent, or voluntary sectors and within education and is also intended to provide impetus and direction for the development of an effective, competent high quality health care support workforce. The Framework provides focus and direction on how local mental health nurses working in practice, education, management and/or research, can best contribute to the care of service users in the future.

NIPEC, in partnership with the Public Health Agency (PHA), are in the process of jointly reviewing progress and monitoring the implementation of Delivering Excellence Supporting Recovery.

A Regional Implementation Group has been established to ensure a robust process is in place to oversee the implementation and monitoring of progress against the 25 recommendations outlined in Delivering Excellence Supporting Recovery.

The Regional Implementation Group is comprised of representatives from a range of relevant organisations and sectors including the PHA, HSCB, NIPEC, five HSC Trusts, Prison Healthcare, Praxis, Mindwise, Health and Social Care Board, Education Providers (OU, UU, QUB, HSC CEC), Royal College of Nursing and also includes service user representation. Click below to view the Terms of Reference for the group.

Click here to view the Project Initiation Document (PID) and the Membership of the Group.

View the DHSSPS Delivering Excellence Supporting Recovery Framework (2011 - 2016)

Click here for further information about the Regional Implementation of Delivering Excellence Supporting Recovery: A Professional Framework for Mental Health Nursing in Northern Ireland 2011 – 2016 (DHSSPS, 2010).

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