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 Chair - Molly Kane, Public Health Agency
 Name Organisation 
 Dr Carole McKenna (Project Lead)  NIPEC
 Breige Quinn (Project Co-Lead)  Public Health Agency
 Damien Brannigan  South Eastern HSC Trust
 Anne Doherty  Mindwise
 Christine Bateson  Northern HSC Trust
 Donna Gallagher  Open University
 Audrey Garvin  South Eastern HSC Trust/Prison Healthcare
 Louise Hall  Belfast HSC Trust
 Fiona Martin  Queen's University Belfast
 May McCann  CAUSE (Voluntary Sector)
 Brian McGarvey  Western HSC Trust
 Dr Derek McLaughlin  University of Ulster
 Bryce McMurray  Southern HSC Trust
 Rodney Morton  Health and Social Care Board
 Catherine Rice  Clinical Education Centre
 Joe Travers  Western HSC Trust
Dr Carole McKenna
Senior Professional Officer
Tel: 0300 300 0066