Recording Care is a regional project which NIPEC has led since 2009. The project has developed a number of successful products along the way such as: an online audit tool and a method of improving record keeping practice through learning and development activities; a number of regional person-centred nursing assessment and plan of care documents; and Person-centred Standards for Nursing and Midwifery Record Keeping Practice.

Current project work includes:

  • Continued use of the Practice Improvement Programme for record keeping practice moving into Learning Disability and children’s care settings.
  • Development and implementation of a spread plan across the five HSC Trusts to further test a regional approach to care planning in Northern Ireland.
  • Development and implementation of a framework to evaluate the regional care planning approach in partnership with the Higher Education Institutions.
  • Support for the development and agreement of regional nursing practice standards.
  • Development of a communication strategy to inform frontline staff of the achievements and work of the Project.
  • Development of a nursing Key Performance Indicator (KPI) for record keeping practice.
  • Provision of regional expertise as requested to the development of a functional specification for a nursing component to Encompass.
  • Working with District Nursing leads to:
    1. Review the nursing contribution to the assessment process within NISAT (including e-NISAT)
    2. Consider the opportunities to adopt the model for planning nursing care in community settings.
  • Development of principles for record keeping practice for a range of specialist nurses including treatment room nurses and incidental charting.

The project has three main groups:

  1. Steering Group - Chaired by Nicki Patterson, Executive Director of Nursing, South Eastern HSC Trust
  2. Working Group - Chaired by Linda Kelly, Asst. Director of Nursing Governance, South Eastern HSC Trust & Suzanne Pullins, Deputy Director of Nursing, Northern HSC Trust
  3. Closed Working Group Strand 2 -  Previously Chaired by Fiona Wright, Asst. Director of Nursing Governance, Southern HSC Trust

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Contact Information

Angela Reed
Senior Professional Officer
Tel: 0300 300 0066