Key individuals within HSC Trusts met in November 2014 to discuss the way forward for recording nurse care plans in Northern Ireland. Actions underpinning this discussion included: improvement work over the previous two years; a literature review ; piloting of a new model of care planning in two trusts.

At this meeting it was apparent that the current system of planning nursing care was not ‘fit for purpose’ and did not reflect person centred approaches. It was agreed that broad principles should be used to produce a model of planning nursing care for Northern Ireland indicating that:

  • Protocols/standard operating procedures for evidence based care should not be used within plans of care in nursing records
  • Nursing care plans should represent a clear description of the patient’s journey through a service, reflecting the involvement of the patient, a record of evaluation of the care planned against assessed need to an agreed goal of nursing care.
  • Any approach described should demonstrate consideration of new technologies and utility for e-records.

Following approval by the Chief Nursing Officer and Executive Directors of Nursing including the Chief Executive of NIPEC, a project work stream under the objectives of Phase Two of the recording care project was agreed.

Achievements to date:

  • Care Planning Summit January 2015
  • Development meetings with Frontline staff to produce PACE framework June – August 2015
  • Small Scale Pilot of New Approach September 2015
  • Presentation of Evaluation of Small Scale Pilot to Chief Nursing Officer and Executive Nurses November 2015
  • Pilot Spread Spring 2016
  • Presentation of Evaluation of Pilot to Chief Nursing Officer and Executive Nurse July 2016
  • Spread Plan for implementation across the five HSC Trusts

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