Recording Care is a regional project which NIPEC has led since 2009. The project has focused on adult acute and rehabilitation wards in the region to date, developing a number of successful products along the way such as: an online audit tool and a method of improving record keeping practice through learning and development activities; a regional person-centred nursing assessment and plan of care document; and Person-centred Standards for Nursing and Midwifery Record Keeping Practice.

A literature review, aimed at exploring alternative approaches to nursing care plans, presented the following findings:

  • No new care planning models were uncovered as a result of the search
  • Effective care plans demonstrated involvement of patients and families in the care planning process
  • There was a need to continuously reflect and review the standard of care plans
  • Team effectiveness and communication were improved through multi-professional formats of care planning
  • Organisational investment was required to demonstrate a commitment to improving this important aspect of nursing practice
  • Core skills relevant to planning care should be clearly defined and addressed within practice areas.

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