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Courses and Reading List

Click on the links below to view the courses and recommended reading list for the Education Domain.

  • Courses

    Please note that direct links to courses and programmes are not available as these are subject to change.Building Highly Effective Teams

    Effective Teaching in Practice
    Post Grad Cert in Education for Nurses and Midwives
    Teaching & Learning in Practice – Principles of
    The Training Leader

  • Recommended Reading List
    • Advanced Life Support Group. (2014). Emergency Triage, West Sussex United Kingdom: John Wiley and Sons. ISBN-13-1118299067
    • Charnock, E. Lee, A. & Miller. A, (2012). Recognising the Acutely Ill Child, England: Pearson Education Limited. ISBN-10-0273763725
    • Coyne, I., Neill, F. & Timmins, F. (2010). Clinical Skills in Children’s Nursing. USA: Oxford University Press. ISBN-10-0199559031
    • Dawood, M. (2012). The Emergency Practitioner’s Handbook: For All Front Line Health Professionals, London: Radcliffe Publishing. ISBN-10-1846194040
    • Dealey, C. (2012). The Care of Wounds: A Guide for Nurses, 4th edn. West Sussex United Kingdom: John Wiley & Sons Ltd. ISBN-10-140519569X
    • Dolan, B. & Holt, L. (2013). Accident & Emergency: Theory into Practice, 3rd edn. China: Elsevier Ltd. ISBN-13-070204315X
    • Glasper, A. E., McEwing, G. & Richardson, J. (2015). Oxford Handbook of Children’s and Young People’s Nursing, 2nd edn. United Kingdom: Oxford University Press. ISBN-10-019964148X
    • Harrison, N. R. & Daly, L. (2011). A Nurse’s Guide to Acute Medical Emergencies, 3rd edn. China: Elsevier Limited. ISBN-10-1702040444
    • Jones, G., Endacott, R. & Crouch, R. (2010). Emergency Nursing Care: Principles and Practice. New York: Cambridge University Press. ISBN-10-0521702542
    • Langstaff, D. & Christie, J. (2000). Trauma Care: A Team Approach. United Kingdom: Butterworth – Heinemann. ISBN-0750635029
    • Legome, E. & Shockley, W. L. (2011). Trauma: A Comprehensive Emergency Medicine Approach. USA: Cambridge University Press. ISBN-10-052187057
    • Morris, F. & Fletcher, A. (2009). ABC of Emergency Differential Diagnosis (ABC Series). United Kingdom: Blackwell Publishing Ltd. ISBN-10-1405170638
    • Skinner, V. D. & Driscoll, A. P. (2013). ABC of Major Trauma (ABC Series). United Kingdom: Blackwell Publishing. ISBN-10-0727918591
    • Thomas, O. D., Bernardo, M. L. & Herman, B. (2002). Core Curriculum for Paediatric Emergency Nursing, 2nd edn. Canada: Jones and Barlett Publishers. ISBN-10-176370176
    • Wyatt, J., IIlingworth, R., Graham, C., Hogg, K. & Robertson, C. (2012). Oxford Handbook of Emergency Medicine, 4th edn. USA: Oxford University Press. ISBN-10-0199589569

Also in this Section

Also in this Section