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Evaluate and Re-measure

Click on the links below to find out more information in relation to Evaluation and Re-Measurement:



    • demonstrate knowledge and skills
    • reflect on activities
    • impact of improvement/good practice

    How to demonstrate  gained knowledge and skills:

    • keeping a Portfolio – can be used a part of revalidation
    • participating in clinical supervision sessions
    • through appraisals

    Reflecting on learning activities:

    • can be done through reflective accounts and discussion – can be used as part of revalidation

    How to demonstrate the impact of improvement and promotion of good practice:

    • click here for information on feedback (verbal/written) from patient/client and relatives, members of the nursing team and multi-professional team  – can be used as part of revalidation
    • improved audit scores


    • sustain improvement
    • begin the process again


    How to sustain improvements:

    • measure standards by audit 3-5 records every two months
    • display results, highlight improvements. Note reduction in scores and action.
    • empower champions
    • ACTION PLANS – address any gaps in practice

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