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How to improve your competence

Completing the below process should enhance your competence to effectively record the care and treatment of patients/clients.



    Download and print out the Competence to Record indicators here.

    Take each statement and reflect on your practice.

    Evaluate your knowledge and skill against the statement provided. Record your score.

  • PLAN - DO

    Look at the statements which you have scored as ‘not achieved’. These are the areas in which you need to develop your knowledge and skills.
    Plan a number of learning activities that will help you achieve the required learning and development.

    Much of your learning can be undertaken alongside your day-to-day working life.


    Once you have assessed, planned and complete the learning activities to address your learning and development needs then you can complete the self-assessment again to ensure the process has been effective.
    It would be good practice to repeat the process again, in the future to ensure you are maintaining your competence to keep records.

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