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Emergency Department Nursing Assistants

Julie, Nursing Assistant Emergency Care, Craigavon Area Hospital, View the video here

Nursing Assistants are integral part of the nursing team and contribute to the holistic care of each patient within the Emergency Department under the supervision of a registered nurse.

Nursing Assistants in the Emergency Department assist the clinical nursing team in all aspects of nursing care, maintaining the  delivery of person centred, compassionate, safe and effective care. The role of the Nursing Assistant is key to the delivery of the fundamentals of care including; good nutritional care, hydration, bladder and bowel care, physical handling and ensuring those receiving care do so in an environment which maintains the dignity and privacy .  This may involve ensuring those receiving care have adequate access to nutrition and hydration, and that help is provided to those who are not able to feed themselves or drink fluid unaided. Nursing Assistant in the Emergency Department may acquire clinical skills such as venepuncture, conducting electrocardiograms and point of care testing which they can carry out under the delegated care of  registered Nurses.

In Northern Ireland the Department of Health, (DoH) have developed a Code of Conduct for Nursing Assistants and an Induction and Development Pathway which sets out the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes for Nursing Assistants (Band 2) and Senior Nursing Assistants (Band 3) in order to equip them to fulfil their role. When this work stream is complete it will be made available here.

Click here to view Emergency Care Nursing Assistant (Band 2), suggested clinical skills and development.

Click here to view Emergency Care Nursing Assistant (Band 3), suggested clinical skills and development.

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